Ketil Moland Olsen

Media. Technology. Passion.

I'm a Product Leader in the Media Technology sector with more than 15 years of relevant industry experience. My mission is to design technology that will power the future's most engaging and innovative viewer experiences. Being born, raised and based in Bergen, Norway, I am currently a VP of Product Management in Vimond Media Solutions.


I'm fluent in Product Management, Design, and Development. I have intimate experience with Broadcast Workflows, Operations, Media Production, Content Management, Journalism and Team Leadership.


As the luckiest man alive, I'm married to my beautiful wife, Alice. We have two wonderful boys together. The four of us enjoy spending quality time together – no matter if it is at home, in the mountains or by the sea. In the unlikely event that I have any spare time, I enjoy spending it in the sky under my yellow paraglider.


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